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You Should Be Working with a PEO

You aren’t alone. The demands of human resource management and regulatory compliance are enough to make any leader’s headspin on the best days. On worse days, that administrative work can make you second guess why you started a business in the first place. It’s an unfortunate reality of owning a small- to medium-sized business. The more your business grows, the further removed you are from what you do best—serving your clients and selling your products or services. You, like so many others are at a critical turning point, even though you might not recognize it. 

The good news is, your dream doesn’t have to remain a nightmare! You can start separating yourself from the competition with one choice—deciding to work with a Professional Employer Organization (PEO). With the help of a PEO you can offload those specialized concerns to a group of experts who manage everything from payroll to OSHA compliance for you, so you can get back to the work you’re passionate about. And a PEO can do all of this for you at a cost that is usually less than what the employer would pay by doing it themselves. With such a powerful resource working with you towards your goals, imagine the heights your business can achieve. 

Despite the obvious benefits, the vast majority of small business owners don’t take advantage of these services. In America, only 15% of small businesses use a PEO, leaving 85% of leaders like yourself bogged down in work that doesn’t come close to making the most of their talent—at the expense of their business, their people, and their aspirations. By deciding to work with a PEO sooner rather than later, you are setting your business up for long-term, scalable growth before you fall victim to the pitfalls that keep so many small businesses from breaking through. 

At Lyons HR, we want to tackle your toughest “people-related” challenges while boosting your bottom line. With comprehensive HR management solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, we provide all you need to operate more efficiently, helping you drive performance, control HR and staffing costs, increase profitability, and mitigate employment liabilities through a more disciplined and strategic approach to workforce management.

To learn about what difference a Professional Employer Organization can make for your business, take a look inside We Are HR. To get your copy now, click here. If you would like to stay up-to-date on the latest thinking in outsourced HR management, read Bill Lyons’ latest articles.