Assessment Results

Find Out What You Can Achieve Working with a PEO

You’re either superhuman or have made HR a top-level priority for your small business and have the right people in place to execute your HR strategy. Kudos to you! While it seems you have a good handle on HR management, are you sure you’re getting the best rates on benefits? Is your payroll process optimized? Are you positive you’re setting policy based on the most up-to-date employment laws and regulations? Do your employees have the comprehensive HR support system they need? These are on-going questions that people make a career of answering. Are you sure you’re the right person to offer solutions?

Your responses show that you are not stuck in the traditional way of doing things. You are the type of leader who is willing to look past processes that are not working in order to find novel solutions. Though PEOs have existed for around 30 years, only 15% of businesses are making use of them. These are one-stop shops for payroll and payroll tax management, access to affordable benefits, workers’ compensation and risk management, and complete HR compliance—all of this with one vendor and at a cost that is lower than remaining in-house.

People are what make any business go and grow. By streamlining your HR processes with the help of industry experts, you’re giving your people the best support possible while setting yourself and your business up for long-term success. 

At Lyons HR, we want to tackle your toughest “people-related” challenges while boosting your bottom line. With comprehensive HR management solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses, we provide all you need to operate more efficiently, helping you drive performance, control HR and staffing costs, increase profitability, and mitigate employment liabilities through a more disciplined and strategic approach to workforce management.

If you want to seek out better rates, coverage, and offerings, talk to a professional you can trust at Lyons HR today. To learn about what difference a Professional Employer Organization can make for your business, take a look inside We Are HR. To get your copy now, click here. If you would like to stay up-to-date on the latest thinking in outsourced HR management, read Bill Lyons’ latest articles.